Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Beauty of Grace review

Amazing, lovely, spirituality in the right place. In the hard. In the good. In the I am never getting out of this alive difficult holes we find ourselves. In the perfect, glorious blessings. This book reminds you that the work of God is all around you. You have to look. Have to see the beauty in the ugly. How important perception is and lessons and beauty we can see if we just open our eyes and look!

This book is beautiful and lovely. I enjoyed how different each author is, how each section has a specific theme to follow and it guides you into that place. I've loved each story I've read and have felt encouraged to seek out the writing of a few of them. How each author has a different way of broaching that theme made me think of new ways to think about the word used for the theme.

Normally compilations feel like just that, compilations of stories that don't really fit together cohesively and were just shoved together. While each story was very different, I didn't feel like they were ill-fitting puzzle pieces put together for the heck of it. 

I think this book would be an excellent gift, but also a good book to pick up as either a devotional, or when you only one short snippets of inspiration.

The themes are:
The Big Picture
Lessons Learned

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