Monday, February 16, 2015

Miracle on Voodoo Mountain Review

I had seen this book pop up in a few places and debated, a lot, on choosing it to review. Honestly, I went and found other reviews, debated some more, and just felt so compelled to read it. That gorgeous cover helped my decision...

Megan Boudreaux was a fairly average college student it sounds like, found what she thought was her dream job, and kept dreaming of a large tree she had only seen once on her trip to Haiti, the same tree on the cover.  Feeling driven to go back to Haiti after she had gone there on a medical trip with her job and after months of these dreams, she told her boss of only 10 months about her recurring dream, and he told her "If you think God is calling you to Haiti, you absolutely need to go."  

The book goes back and forth a bit with her life growing up in Louisiana, and her life in Haiti. Her father's funeral, how she became a Christian, children that especially touched her in Haiti, people who saw her enormous vision and contributed in one way or another, and faith, and helped her along the way. Triumphs and hardships and heartbreak and love. All of that is intertwined into this young woman's amazing story. It made me think "What more could I be doing with the resources I have?"

The title states Miracle on Voodoo Mountain: A Young Woman's Remarkable Story of Pushing back the Darkness for the Children of Haiti. But honestly? It's even more than that. Yes, her primary focus and goal has been on the children of Haiti, but with all she is doing, building schools, a cafe, a medical clinic, a place for the restaveks (child slaves of Haiti that are a big focus of this book) to recover, she's helping these hurting children became adults who will get more out of life, give back to their community, find faith, and maybe, just maybe, help turn around their impoverished country. 

God has performed so many miracles through Megan in Haiti that reading about them gave me chills and caused me to reflect on the book in awe. And while we only ever hear about the bad that happens Haiti, though there is a lot of that too, Megan shows so many beautiful, good things in the country as well. 

She founded an organization, Respire Haiti, whose primary goal is to help "encourage, educate, and empower the orphans, restaveks, and vulnerable children" of Haiti.

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