Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Anyone who knows me, is fully aware that I am a total book worm. I would rather sit at home with a glass of tea (or wine...depends on the mood) with a book, some Vitamin String Quartet, and read than go out. I carry a kindle with me everywhere, loaded with varying genres of books and every once in a while, will buy a physical book if it grabs me.

One such book was One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. (There are several others as well, and I will be blogging about each one over the next few weeks). While I haven't finished it, with less than 80 pages left to go, there was something in it that struck me that I wrote it down on a post it and put it above my desk. I also wrote it down in my prayer journal. 

The word "eucharisteo." This hit me, hard, and I can't explain why. Maybe because it hit the nail on the head with one single word encompassing so much. From what I've researched, and from Ann's book, it means to give thanks, thanksgiving, thanks with grace/joy. What is not to love about this? 

From her book "Charis. Grace. 
                            Eucharisteo. Thanksgiving.
                            Chara. Joy.
A threefold cord that might hold a life? Offer a way up into the fullest life? 
Grace, thanksgiving, joy. Eucharisteo."

From Studylight.org

The verb form for "giving thanks" is εὐχαριστὲω (Strong's #2168), which means not only to express thanks and gratitude, but also to return thanks. 

It's a beautiful word and one I plan on incorporating into a piece of jewelry as a simple, yet profound reminder to myself. 

Quote taken from Ann Voskamp book "One Thousand Gifts." 

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