Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Coffee For your Heart-Holley Gerth

I've enjoyed Holley Gerth's books and blog posts immensely. As someone who majored in Psychology, I love her approach to things both from the research/psychology perspective, and Christian oriented drive. These things rarely go together and I adore her for it!

And so begins my first Coffee for your Heart Wednesday post! I'm going to post a few things that help me on my daily journey with my Faith.

First, I am pretty big into fitness and health as well. It seems like most people in the community are either very religious, or very anti-religious. However, one of my favorites, Rachel Flint of FIt like Flint regularly makes shirts with Bible verses on them and I love it! Below is her newest one:

Awesome right? I own the one below:

MudLove bracelets. 20% of the proceeds go to provide clean drinking water to villages in Africa. I own one that says "Pray" because it's always good to have a daily reminder. 

I also keep the Holley Gerth-You're Already Amazing perpetual calendar on my desk at work, right next to my monitor. 

Because, for me, in the rush of every day, of being a parent, partner, friend, daughter, employee, is that every day is a run around game and at various points of the day, we all need a reminder to pray or at least acknowledge the Lord. 

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  1. I love Holley Gerth and working out too. Nice to "meet" you!