Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Prosperous Soul

I wasn’t sure what I would think about this book at first. The cover didn’t really intrigue me but the content did.

It starts with a few pages of introduction, then a few chapters on some overarching purposes she hopes the reader gets out of the book and some intentions. Following this are 8 weeks of daily readings with every five days having a set theme to follow regarding prosperity from spiritual to emotional to vocational. Every week, she takes readers through the theme in various ways, relating them to modern day situations as well as Biblical verses and readings. Each day follows a reading theme, then expounds a point of the day, and each day’s reading begins and ends with thought which is usually a quote or Bible verse. Like the other reviewers on Amazon, I loved it so much that I started it and finished it sooner than 8 weeks.

I enjoyed her use of analogies! Specifically, in A Problem of Paradigms she compares a car’s engine with the soul. If the car’s engine is bad, repainting it, or changing the oil, aren’t going to do anything to help the engine, the guts, the inside. Until the car’s “soul” is fixed, it will be unreliable. (page 47). It’s a beautiful comparison that anyone can understand about our own soul. If we just try to fake it, without doing any real change within, we won’t accomplish anything.

I also enjoyed the fact that she doesn’t seem to take verses from the Bible and twist them to her point. In fact, she often expounds on how much she dislikes others who do that, who take a verse and twist it to make their point even if it doesn’t really work! Her writing style is clear, concise, without flowery, over the top language. I would definitely recommend this one for someone who might feel stuck with the constant battle of “I must be super wealthy and prove to everyone what I can do.” Prosperity is so much more than material wealth and she does a great job of pointing this out.

I received my copy from The Book Club Network in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own!

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