Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Kids and devotionals

My son, like most kids I assume, says things some days that stun me by their logic, reasoning and intelligence. He's only 10 but he's been exposed to a lot and he amazes me daily.

A few months ago, he was excited about a devotional. He doesn't have his own Bible (yet!) but he went to a Christian day care and learned a lot, and has watched me reading my Chronological Bible this year, and regular NIV Bible before this year. Right now he's enjoying Jesus Calling: 365 Devotions for Kids.

He really enjoys it, and after he reads his daily devotion, he will sometimes ask me questions without any prodding from me. I love that we have this connection and that he feels compelled to discuss this with me. 

Usually when he gets in one of his sweet moods, he will say he loves me more than anyone. The last few months, he has said he loves me more than anyone except God, because God has to be first because he is first. I teared up and was grateful and blessed that this young child understands. He understands so much more than parents think children do at times. And this was without anyone sitting there telling him that that was how it has to be. He's amazing and I am so blessed that he is my child. 

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