Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Abandon by Tim Timberlake

Tim Timberlake grew up as a pastor's kid (both of his parents!) He went to church regularly, and also had his mess up period like most of us do but it seems few authors are as willing to admit it as Tim. As an adult, he is now a pastor at his own church and wrote this book, Abandon: Laying Aside Your Plan for God's Purpose.

In it, Tim takes you through three phases of learning to let go and let God take control. The Phases are The Choice, The Challenge, The Change. Each phase has a couple of subsections as well.

The Choice

  • Don't Do It Yourself
  • Soul Junkie
  • Ditch The Doubt

The Challenge
  • Abandon Your Ways
  • Abandon Your Outlook

The Change
  • Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda
  • Who Am I - Today?
  • Encore
  • Spoiler Alert

My favorite thing about this book is just how insanely relatable Tim's writing and experiences are! It felt like having a conversation from a friend, mentor, or teacher, and not just an author trying to explain his point or sell you on something. Overall, he's reminding us that, as much as we fight for complete control over our lives, experiences, and faith, it's not always up to us and we need to learn to "abandon" ourselves to God's loving mercy. We need to remember that God has a plan for each of us if we just listen.

I really enjoyed it, and realized that, unlike other books I've read that discuss this topic, it was very gender neutral so could easily be given to anyone struggling with direction in their life.

I received this book from bookfun.org in exchange for my honest opinion.

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