Monday, May 25, 2015

Savor: Living Abundantly Where You Are, As You Are review

I've read one of Shauna Niequist's previous books, Bread and Wine, as part of the Bloom book club and it was a great book. I'm not always a huge fan of devotionals though so I was somewhat wary of reading this one. I kept seeing this book, Savor: LIving Abundantly Where You Are, As You Are, pop up in my social media feeds, Instagram and Twitter, via some of my favorite Christian authors, so, after much hesitation, I signed up to review this one.

It's perfect. The devotionals are short and sweet, not requiring that you go to your Bible to read verses or passages. (Which is something that bugs me about some other devotionals since I tend to read books and my Bible on my Kindle).

Each day start with a bold word, a Bible verse that reflects that word, then a short passage, and a reflection question/task. Every few days, there is a recipe included.

An example page:

It's great, honestly. If you like devotionals, if you have ever read one of Shauna's books, and if you like to cook, it's seriously perfect. 

I received this book from BookLook Bloggers in exchange for my honest opinion.

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