Saturday, April 4, 2015

Review: God's Story in 66 verses

Stan Guthrie took on the task of finding one pivotal verse than encompasses each book of the Bible.  No easy feat and even he says that it was a daunting task. However, as someone who has not finished every book of the Bible, I thought it might be nice to at least have a general idea, summary of sorts, of each book so I had some context and this book definitely accomplished that.

In God's Story in 66 Verses, each book of the Bible is first presented by one verse that the author believes highlights the overall theme of the book. Then he goes on to give a bit of background information, how it connects to other books, who the author might be, as well a brief outline of the book. I had never come across a book like this before and when I saw it available on booklookbloggers, I wanted to give it a shot. 

While I don't believe it takes the place of actually reading the Bible in it's entirety, I do believe it would be great for new believers, or maybe believers who just want an overarching summary of books of the Bible that they may not be familiar with...yet. It's almost like a puzzle, putting the pieces together and showing how the books connect in a concise format. 

Overall, I have really enjoyed it and I plan on passing it on to other's who might benefit from it's use. 

I was given the opportunity to review this book on my own. All opinions are mine! 

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